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When creating our devices, we leave nothing to chance, which is why the carefully made Smoke Sensor not only protects you and your loved ones, but also embodies an elegant and stylish detail for any room. Quite impressive for such a small smoke detector, right?

Despite its inconspicuous size, Smoke Sensor is a smoke detector and fire alarm in one. The precisely designed device offers more than you can imagine. What usually keeps us up at night is the fear for the safety of our loved ones and the protection of our valuables. The FIBARO smoke detector in your home is a guard who watches over you around the clock, every day. When the Smoke Sensor detects danger, it instantly starts the alarm scene and immediately notifies you on your mobile device. Wherever you are, you have everything under control.

In an emergency situation, there is no time for complex actions. In order to make home evacuation easier, and minimize losses in the event of a fire, integrate Smoke Sensor with other FIBARO devices.


NOTE: Although much smarter than most detectors, This product does not fully comply with Scottish legislation regarding the change in regulations from Feb 2021 which specifies sealed 10 year battery or mains supplied.

Therefore should be used as a supplementary product in these cases

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Additional information

Dimensions 6.5 × 6.5 × 2.8 cm
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