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HomeSeer have been producing smart hub software for over 20 years and have perhaps the most comprehensive software for building very complex systems, easily. A common sense approach on an extremely robust platform. These products will also require a gateway product like the Aeotec Z-stick to operate the Z-wave network. The software is very intuitive to operate, I personally have this installed at home and certainly would recommend if you are thinking of larger systems that can be endlessly configured


Vitrum is an Italian manufacturer of designer switches, accessories and complete systems. The switches and accessories operate on the Z-wave protocol and can therefore be integrated to most Z-wave hubs. I have tested extensively with the HumeSeer hub and they operate seamlessly. If you want to stand out with that quality designer, fully programmable switches, look no further. Options include battery versions, making them truly wireless for that difficult locations to run in cables.


WiDom is another Italian manufacturer of Z-Wave automation modules and accessories. Mostly know in the European market, the products have proven reliability and operation. Very unique in the setup from other single front end solutions, WiDom uses a room controller hub, which link together as the system grows. This can make for a cost effective solution when starting small and building room by room.


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